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Saturday, August 2, 2014

KER by muhammad kavunthara

THE KERALA EDUCATION ACT, 1958 and THE KERALA EDUCATION RULES, 1959Fourth Edition(Embodying corrections upto 31st December 2010)
The Kerala Education Act*
Kerala Education RulesChaptersI Preliminary
II Classification of Schools
III Management of Private Schools
IV Establishment & maintenance of schools
V Opening and Recognition of schools
VI Admission, transfer and removal of pupils
VII Attendance, Holidays and vacation
VIII Organisation of instruction and progress of pupils
IX Discipline

X Properties of Aided Schools
XI Conduct of Enquiries Regarding Arrears of Salary
XII Levy and Collection of fees in Schools
XIII General Rules Relating to the conduct of teachers
XIV-AConditions of Service of Aided School Teachers
XIV-A AConditions of service of Teaching and Non teaching staff of Recognized unaided Schools
XIV-B Conduct Rules
XIV-C Conduct Rules
XV Inspection of Schools
XVI Education Advisory Board
XVII Election of members to the Local Educational Authorities
XVIII Rules for the working of the Local Educational Authorities
XIX Constitution and Functioning of the Local Education Committees
XX Taking over of schools or acquisition of schoolsschools
XXI Recruitment of Teacher to Aided Schools
XXII Transitional Provision

XXIII Fixation of strength of Teachers in Departmental and Aided Schools
XXIV-A Non- teaching staff of Aided Schools
XXV Admission to Teachers Training Schools
XXVI Scales of pay of Aided School Teachers
XXVII-A Pension, Provident Fund and Insurance for Aided School Teachers
XXVIII Payment of maintenance grant to Aided schools
XXIX Provident Fund for Aided School Teachers
XXX Kerala Aided School Employees' Provident Fund
XXXI Qualifications of Private School Teachers
XXXII Method of appointment and qualification of Teachers and Non Teaching staff in aided Higher Secondary Schools


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